Who is the Owner of this project?
The State of Texas, acting through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), is the owner of this project.

How is this project funded?
This project was approved and funded by the 84th Texas Legislature.

What is the scope of the current project and where is it located?
The North Austin Complex Phase 1 Development (NAC Phase 1) involves two structures on state-owned land. One will be a nine-story, 406,000 square foot building. The second structure will be a multi-level, 1,850-space parking garage. Both structures will be located southwest of the John H. Winters (JHW) Building at 51st Street and North Lamar Blvd.

While the new parking garage is under construction, what parking will be used by HHSC visitors and employees who previously used the surface parking lot?
The Employees and visitors of the John H. Winters building will use a combination of existing parking lots and parking garages not affected by the new construction. There are approximately 150 available stalls in the parking structures adjacent to the Brown Heatly Building at 49th Street and North Lamar Blvd., which will be available. In addition, a portion of the parking lot of JHW near 51st Street and North Lamar Blvd. may accommodate up to 100 parking spaces. Finally, Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) is working on contracting with the UT Parking Department to lease 125 parking spaces at the Wright Whitaker Intramural fields on Guadalupe Street.
When will construction begin and end on NAC Phase 1?
Construction is scheduled to begin in June of 2018. The facilities are scheduled to be completed by December 2020, with occupancy scheduled to be completed by +/- May 2021.

Why is the State building this project?
Agencies of HHSC currently lease over 600,000 gross square feet of privately-owned office space throughout the Austin area. The leases currently cost the State over $10.4 million a year and these costs are expected to increase in the future. Additionally, HHSC must contend with ongoing functional and organizational inefficiencies as a result of having their administrative operations spread out over a wide geographic area.

The NAC Phase I project is projected to save the State $8 million a year in lease cost avoidance; thus, saving tax payer dollars. The new building will be directly across from the HHSC headquarters and this close proximity will help promote functional and organizational efficiencies.

Are future phases planned for this site?
Yes. However, those phases have yet to be funded, and there is not a clear determination as to which legislative session will approve funding for those phases.
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