The North Austin Complex is located in the vicinity of 45th Street, 51st Street, and North Lamar Boulevard. This complex primarily serves as headquarters for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). The Commission, working on behalf of and in collaboration with HHSC, prepared a North Austin Complex Master Plan to consolidate its leased office space into state-owned buildings. Upon completion, HHSC will have one centralized campus-like setting, with class A buildings befitting the State of Texas. The new buildings will include the HHSC headquarters and the close proximity will promote functional and organizational efficiencies, while providing centralized access for the public.
Phase One of the North Austin Complex development was approved by the 84th Legislature and authorized the construction of one 406,000 gross square foot state office building and accompanying parking at the intersection of W. Guadalupe Street and 46th Street. The nine-story office building includes a mechanical penthouse and an adjacent seven-story parking garage for approximately 1,850 cars. A central utility plant to be constructed inside the parking garage will provide service for the office building as well as equipment space and capacity to support future buildings. The structure consists of drilled concrete piers with a cast-in-place concrete superstructure. The exterior skin consists of a mixture of masonry, glass, and metal panels.
The office building features a small basement level for access to the loading dock. The first floor consists of a training center, offices, and a dining area. Levels 2 through 7 include high density office space, level 8 includes medium density office space, and level 9 is the executive floor. The primary user for the complex will be the Health and Human Services Commission. 
When complete, the State will retire $7.4 million of annual lease expenses. The Commission is committed to building structures capable of lasting 100 years, thereby generating an even greater return on investment. Consolidating the leases into state-owned facilities is projected to realize the State a full return on its investment within 38 years.
The Commission is requesting Phase Two funding during the 86th Legislative Session. This phase consists of a new office building and accompanying above-ground parking. The new building will bring an additional 302,000 square feet of office space and 2,000 parking spaces to the North Austin Complex. At its completion, HHSC and the State will be able to retire all remaining current leases in the Austin area at a savings of $5.6 million annually. As with Phase One, consolidating the leases into state-owned facilities is projected to realize the State a full return on its investment within 38 years.

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